Friday, August 12, 2005

Black Friday Revisited - Repeat Performance or Tianan-Male'

The lone protester standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square and Mohamed Nasheed and a few friends sitting in front of the large mass of heavily armed National Security Service personnel in Male' Republic Square is about the same thing. Forceful military violently confronting peaceful pro-democracy supporters.
How many Black Fridays and B*#!^! Thursdays before we are allowed to be free?
It appears to me that Maldivians will never be free by themselves. There are enough well-armed, paid thugs and gangs to suppress any attempt to voice our desire to be free.
Following this violence, the government will conduct widespread arrests to suppress the remaining supporters of the freedom movement, limit access for the foreign press and control coverage of the events in the press.
The only solution seems to be outside intervention. And this is a touchy subject. Maldivians have been innoculated against foreigners by government propaganda. But without widespread international condemnation and sanctions, there appears to be no way for the people to tackle the issues of human rights abuses and corruption.
Today is a big dash for freedom. Let us see how events play out.


Blogger Patriot said...

What exactly are you trying to prove by that article?...

Shame on whoever wrote that article asking for foriegn intervene and sanctions...

That is not what the Maldives needs...Are you trying to destroy the country... Sanctions and such form anti- propaganda would destroy the country, would destroy it's econonomy (tourists would not come)...

Poverty, Starvation and Defeat... Is that the price you are asking for democracy when you haven't fought for it... and lost it by sitting down... No country has got it's freedom without blood and sweat of it's own country men... that my friend is the cost of freedom and prosperity...

Putting blame on one and other would never bring prosperity to a country rather it would bring "stormy seas"

The fight to peace can only be won when the majority of people want it... and that means that the police and N.S.S have to be convinced both by their family, friends and leaders to work for the betterment of Maldives...and Maldivians...

Such sort of criticms as you have put up is a sorry excuse for a losing battle for freedom...

Rather you should try to give hope to the people and post true information rather than be the spreader of propaganda... That my friend is a true patriot, a true hero...

3:25 PM  
Blogger thakuru said...

“Freedom is an inalienable right of all people, and borders cannot silence their will of freedom, or protect the evil tyrants that quest for the souls of humankind”.

Opposing the dictatorial regime Gayyoom in Maldives is an obvious source of joy for all decent people everywhere. The steadfast policies and performance of MDP and their team deserve praise and recognition. Their courageous act has hopefully laid the corner stone for a new order in our country. Getting rid of ugly regime of Gayyoom in Maldives must be considered significant service to the cause of humanity, human rights and democracy.

The history of Gayyoom has shown no hope, for freedom and democracy with him. Many examples such as yesterday has repeatedly shown the hijacked "liberties and freedom". The question on most peoples' minds today is what's next for free loving Maldivians? Will they ever be freed from the monstrous dictator to lead the founding of a democratic government and society in Maldives? Will the Maldivian people who have paid so dearly with their lives and lost opportunities for more than three decades become truly free at last? Will they finally get a chance to develop their own democratic institutions?

Looking at the situation from a distance, in spite of all wishful thinking; the odds do not seem to favour the prospects of a peaceful and democratic Maldives in the foreseeable future. It is obvious that the dictator and the monster of Maldives will hang on power with any cost. The fascist regime of dictator Gayyoom and his “Dhivehi Rundinge” Party is not exactly the right foundation upon which one can easily build a free and democratic society. Decades of brutal suppression and ethnic clinching within the community he has created reservoir of pent-up resentments, which may explode in a volcanic manner. In my opinion it will not take any longer until it blows off.

As we have already witnessed yesterday dictator Gayyoom has yet again showed the Maldivians and the world at whole he is committed to reform and democracy that he has promised. He is doing what he knows. He is on his way right again to foment riots and rebellions throughout Maldives and in particular among the most populated Islands. The regime's top priority mission is now to damage the prospects of MDP and the little hope peoples made for freedom and prosperous future.

Dictator Gayyoom” has been responsible for the deaths and tortures of a great many of his own countrymen, mostly people who oppose his mob politic. Dictator Gayyoom rules Maldives using fear; he regularly imprisons, and tortures large numbers of people for no reason whatsoever. It is hard to believe but it is true, 1/3 of the population in Maldives, which has not had a son, father, brother, mother or even a sister imprisoned, tortured, due to this bloody regime of monster Gayyoom. What then must stop us from taking to the streets to protest against such blatant crimes against humanity? Maldivians are really sick of this bastard.
If the suffering of Maldivian people meant anything to the world community please come and help us. This brutal regime of ugly dictator in Maldives killing us beating us to death and robbing us on broad daylight. It is a shame watching, such cries from the heart of power less people. We need help please help us here we have a new Hitler.

4:00 PM  
Blogger thakuru said...

Full political participations at the national level were restricted only to members of the dictator Gayyoom's party which consists maybe just 4% of the population. Maldivians must be given the option to change their government.

Since Maldives became a republic on 11th November 1968, the ruling groups has denied people their basic rights and freedoms and democracy. This was done not because the people were not worthy of democracy or unprepared for it; it was done because the ruling group wanted to hold on to its privileges. Under the brutal regime of dictator Gayyoom Maldivians have been denied all their rights.

The peoples of Maldives have suffered way too long to bring a change to their political system. With the monster Gayyoom it is not possible for them to get free and with dictator gayyoom Maldivians will never be free. Of course we need a foreign intervention or a military help from a foreign power. The situation in Maldives is not different to Iraq, Somalia or Afghanistan. Yet again another black Friday should we all be killed from an ugly dictator just because we don’t like his brutal way of handling our daily life or must we all be his slaves for another 27 years?

4:41 PM  

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