Saturday, August 13, 2005


The country is a divided.Between those who have access to riches and those who are shut out. Divided between those who have some wisdom and those who have no conscience.
Ordinary folk are desperate. Life is hard and living next to a ten story villa is painful when the hot air from their air conditioners' exhaust is blowing into the little 10x12 ft room you call home for your wife and 5 children and the odors of the five star meal floating into their faces is making them drool. And that is Male'. Go to some other atoll and island. Read the UN report on malnutrition and anemia and you may start to get the picture. There will always be differences between the rich and poor. But there should also be a safety net to catch those who fall.
Somewhere, something has gone terribly wrong. Otherwise there would not be this bloody confrontation.
There are people who do not want change. Government employees are afraid gayoom will take away their job. Businessman are afraid that change may mean less opportunity. Less wealth. And quite a few of the rich depend on the Gayoom regime. The dictatorship and corruption is the source of their wealth. If there was trasparency and culpability they fear that their advantage will disappear. So pay money to supress any people or ideas that may lead to change.
The other day someone told me the education system is so bad that only about 8 percent of 8000 students passed the English exam in the Cambridge O" levels. English is the medium of education.! Imagine what chemistry and history they would have understood. Can this be true? And if I tried to find out, will I get the truth? Strong censorship and constant propaganda by the Gayoom regime has left the country with very little brain power. And brains can be bought and silenced when the flesh is weak. The military and the police are so brainwashed they cannot tell good from bad.
Things are not getting better. And when things are going from bad to worse, I will complain. Stun guns, pepper spray, water cannons,bullets, Maafushi and Dhoonidhoo ; the best answer the gayoom regime can give?


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