Monday, August 15, 2005

Doctors sans conscience. man in shower cap leads a task force of interrogators.

Dr. Hassan Saeed:
We, the government, have decided to finish the interrogation process, sending it to courts and hopefully passing a sentence as soon as possible. We have already formed a task force to interrogate. There are 53 people leading this. We have not released any of those people we believe to be leading in what is happening. The government would like to finish trials of those arrested while they are kept in detention. From: Minivan News
With 53 leaders in Doctor Hassan Saeeds task force of interrogators I assume the whole team will be somewhere between 500 and 530 people including the anaesthetician and radiologist.

We, the people, used to have only a few doctors in my parents time. A few doctors in the hospital and doctaru muhammed manik and doctaru ahammaidhi. I do not know if they could interrogate. Sutta Mohamed Ali & Co. did the interrogations . Small team.
Things are looking up for my generation. Now doctors are plenty. Doctors of interrogation and torture. Doctors to probe my anus and doctors with long beards to inspect my soul. Doctorates in Diguriha and Kulhiroshi. Doctors from Bangladesh to deliver the gas and take my trash away. We now have a doctor for everything. Soon everyone will be doctor. Everything will be done by doctors. Dr. Shaugee has driven Ali the Lawyer crazy. He has now been handed over to the doctors at IGMH. Doctors to drive you nuts.


Blogger 6 Vana Kalhi said...

when will the maldives college offer doctor of tytranny or post graduate studies in dictatorship management?...

9:14 AM  
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