Wednesday, August 17, 2005

K.N. Singh

All the children called him by a nickname. When ever someone called out “kay en sing”, this man used to go crazy.
Whenever this name was called out, this man would see red and charge. The neighborhood kids taunted this tormented man mercilessly. The shouts of “K.N Singh” drove the poor man into a blind rage. They would call out “K.N. Sing” and hide. As soon as he heard the words he would charge in the direction of the call. Many times unlucky kids who just happened to be around and had nothing to do with the taunting would end up receiving the wrath of this man.
Later on I came to find out that the real K.N Singh was actually an Indian movie actor. No one seems to know why and I have not figured out either, why calling out “K. N. Singh could drive a man so crazy.

If Gayoom can stop seeing red when people call out “isthiufa”, we will not have all this violence.


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