Thursday, August 11, 2005

metamorphorsis / sadist turns into a mullah

Umar Naseer of this Islamic Democratic Party can surely be described as a torturer and sadist. Abdulla Mahir is not the only person suffering because of Umar Naseer. There are others. And maybe their voices will also be heard soon. Mahir is that rare Maldivian with the guts to demand respect and his rights. His back is broken but his spirit is not.

Now this Umar Naseer has started his own religious/political party. Soon he may be leading the prayers on Friday. An important question is where did Umar Naseer get the money to start this submarine and other businesses?

Will Maldivians allow this sadistic animal to depict himself as a religious man because somebody has given him the money?
Abdulla Mahir may not agree to that. Neither will I.


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