Thursday, August 11, 2005

MHRC and Landhoo Ibrahim

Listening to "Doctor" Abdul Majeed Abdul Baary on Minivan Radio I get the idea that Adalat Party has the Al Qaeda/Taliban Islamic Agenda for Madivian women. “Islam does not permit women to adjudicate in regular legal cases”. Buruga and oppression.

Listening to Nanreethi Saleem of the Maldives Human Rights Commission was just as depressing. It may be appealing to people who have the "i did it first" first syndrome to be in Maldives Human Rights Commission. Instead of trying to get " international recognition" they should be identifying human rights abuses and abusers. All this talk of "we are doing the best we can" , “do everything possible” are just euphemisms for "we are begging Gayoom". Gayoom created them. They are functioning as a decoy.
The Human Rights Commission people - Mujuthaba, Madulu Waheed, Nanreethi Saleem etc. should watch Landhoo Ibrahim and learn. He is the real thing, the full deal. This brave man is taking on Gayoom, Gayooms brother and establishment.
If Mujuthaba and crowd want to do the real thing they should reject Gayooms commission. They should form their own association.
And elect Landhoo Ibrahim to lead them.


Blogger cooley said...

hey mdp dont think that u are the only people arround here. we are also here. we can also go and destroy you all. we can kick your asses. But thats not good. if these things are happening for days we are going to stop your. wait to see what happens.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Judas-Priest said...

Cooley, they are not. So fervently engrossed in their quest for emancipation, usually most political opposition groups lose touch with the spiritual side and more importantly the canons of Islam. Its grossly unfair that the author 'gets ideas' and perpetuates the stereotypical references merely based on this one statement. The role of women being in question, let us not dismiss the fact that Islam too has been driven towards a progressive mindset without necessarily substituting western feminism in lieu of Shariah and Practice. However, instead of calling all parties to discuss the finer points of an issue, 'free think' blog prefers it to label it, once again with popular sentiment of the Western media. My opinion on this matter is, people should engage in some sort of dialogue and explore the theological underpinnings of this statement, discuss it and arrive at a consensus (or something in the neighborhood of) over time. I myself being a Muslim, and rather sceptical about our state of faith in Allah, do wonder sometimes how good a Muslim we can become if we're not 'submitting' our will to God and unwittingly choose to believe in the myth of the free autonomous will.

That said, I for one encourage more posts and blogging, which in effect provides people easily with virtual public spheres. I do hope you dont stop blogging after the first ten posts. Heh. thats what happens in most cases.

Remember the bit about encouraging people to write blogs which I remember seeing in 'factmaldives' intelligence report on what ch0opey, primary0 were discussing during their coffee-outing?

I as for one fully support the idea and encourage everyone to get their own blogspace and link each other's blogs in order to increase user/writer base. Good luck, iruvaihudhu

1:01 AM  
Blogger maldivian said...

everybody in the Maldives know this Landhoo ibrahim is the head of most Drug addicts in this country. We as Maldivians, we do not accept u MDP or MDP's power hungry crooks to lead our country.Now you are facing only our country's police force, near future you have to face the whole population, normal typical Maldivians. beaware.

2:30 AM  
Blogger somnambulist said...

the repeated garbage posted in various maldivian internet forums and blogs about "drug addicts", merely serves to suggest that there are major problems with the education system in your country!

What sort of adequately educated person would suggest that "drug addicts" are a very well organised "gang" in your country to the point where they have a "leader" (see post by 'maldivian' above). Addicts have one priority, anywhere in the world, and that is obtaining more drugs! - certainly not in advocating political change.

it is indisputable that the maldives has a major problem with drugs, and the reasons for that are best discussed elsewhere, but "drug addicts" as a form of abuse for anyone that a writer might not like is getting a little repetitive and BORING!

7:27 PM  

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