Monday, August 15, 2005

Move on

In a previous instance violence was averted when Mohamed Amin was taken to Dhoonidhoo. Sadly he made the decision to come to Male' in the dead of night and was attacked by a mob organized by his political opponents. Mohamed Amin died of the injuries sustained during this mob violence.
If the armed forces had taken Gayoom to Dhoonidhoo on his arrival from Singapore, we could have evaded all this violence. The military and police should move on from being regime thugs to protectors of the people.

If we could also agree that Gayoom is too old, his methods are out-of-date, we could resolve the current problem without violence. Arab dictator politics is too violent for island people. The education that " ah-Sheikh al-Akh al-Ustaaz President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom al-Azhari" received in the 50' and 60's from pyjama-clad mullahs in Cairo is not what we need for the Maldives if we want modernity and progress. We should move on.


Blogger somnambulist said...

Here perhaps is the encouragement that the people of Maldives need to continue your struggle for democracy:

Maumoon's behaviour is now receiving unprecedented international coverage

Today, for the first time EVER, the people of New Zealand read news of the unrest in Maldives

Until now the media here has never given any coverage at all.

Here is the article that was printed in every New Zealand daily newspaper:,2106,3378683a12,00.html

Good luck

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