Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Upgraded to Field Marshall -- Gayoom directing military operations against unarmed civilians?

My neighbor says he has seen Gayoom in uniform in one of the armored cars that is patrolling the streets. With some of the armed forces refusing to attack the people, maybe Gayoom himself is now on the ground directing operations. He has reportedly upgraded himself from General to Field Marshall.

And the men in uniform look very menacing. Very dangerous. What are they thinking?
By controlling education and the propaganda, any national leader can produce the fantastic scenarios depicted in George Orwell's frightening novel. The institutionalized evil that Orwell vividly portrays in his fictional account of state dominance over individuals goes beyond the novelist's imagination when its prophetic vision is carried into operational validity by the power hungry leader of a cult. The reverend Jim Jones used mind control strategies to orchestrate the suicide/murders of more than 900 people inthe jungles of Guyana twenty five years ago in the grand finale of his experiment in institutionalised mind control.
I wonder what Gayoom's Grand Finale will be.


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