Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Golhaabo is a classical Maldivian maldivian nickname. In translation it means something like "s*#%head". Golhaabo is one of many used by some detractors and foes of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. He is the President of a small Indian Ocean island nation. He rules with absolute power over 300,000 people . His 27 year old rule has been condemned internationally for human rights abuses. Many consider Gayoom who grew up in Cairo and was educated in Islamic Studies at the Al-Azhar in Cairo to be a throwback to the old Baathist Arab dictatorships from the 1950's.
And who is David? He is a modern self-empowered person who has decided that he will be a friend to the Maldives. He heads a human rights organization, the Salisbury based Friends of Maldives. When the Tsunami hit the islands, he set up Maldives Aid, a Tsunami relief and reconstruction charity. David Hardingham and the Friends of Maldives has been accused by the Gayoom regime of working to spread Christianity in the Maldives and of working in cahoots Islamic fundamentalists.
Hardingham and his Friends of Maldives waylaid President Gayoom while he was in Geneva to give a speech to the World Health Organization. They confronted him as he got out of his car and hurled accusations of human rights abuses. Now they have done it again. David has faced Gayoom again outside the Maldivian High Commission in London and staged a protest calling for him to free detainees including Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) Chairperson of the Maldivian Democratic Party of terrorism and treason, charges which he categorically denies and for which no evidence has been supplied.
The regime supporters here in Male' are claiming that Hardingham is being detained by Scotland Yard and may even be tried on terrorism charges in the UK. Apparently the dictator was so terrorized he did not want to get out of his limousine.
David, who has been blacklisted from entering the Maldives by the government, has vowed to make every European visit for President Gayoom a nightmare - “We will follow him across every inch of Europe. Every time he steps foot in the continent, we’ll be waiting”


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