Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gayoom and Kofi

Quote from: United in greed, divided it falls.
By Mark Steyn(Filed: 16/08/2005)
"Meanwhile, Alexander Yakovlev, a senior procurement officer for UN "peacekeeping" missions - and, if you're on a UN mission in Africa, no, he can't fix you up with a hot-looking eight-year-old from the local village; Mr Yakovlev apparently dealt with the non-child-sex aspects of UN procuring - anyway, Mr Yakovlev salted away just shy of a million bucks in kickbacks in his account in Antigua. He's just been arrested in New York and pleaded guilty to money laundering, wire fraud, etc.

Despite the current investigations into his brother, his son, his son's best friend, his former chief of staff, his procurement officer and the executive director of the UN's biggest ever programme, the Secretary-General insists he remains committed to staying on and tackling the important work of "reforming" the UN. "

From: The World’s Top Diplomat meets the Maldives’ Head Torturer.
By Fathimath Shimla, January 12, 2005
"the UN seems far happier clearing up the mess left by Gayoom’s mismanagement than changing the fundamentals of the country and pushing for democracy. UNFPA is even headed by one of Gayoom’s own children, Dunya Maumoon – what kind of signal is that to Maldivians who yearn for an end to their oppression?
Kofi Annan is the head of an organization that is supposed to represent the world. By hob-knobbing with the Maldives’ chief torturer and its corrupt politicians he has done the UN, the Maldives and democrats across the world a profound disservice "

Many Maldivians found it strange and baffling that the UN was late and lackluster in condemning the actions of President Gayoom against pro-democracy activists. After the Asian Centre for Human Rights urged the United Nations Secretary General to intervene and after many organizations like Amnesty International had condemned the actions of the Gayoom regime, Kofi did say something. But is anyone listening to Kofi?

Gayoom’s government consists of family and friends who appear to have no other obligation except to strengthen Gayoom’s position and line their own pockets. Gayoom’s family have such power that people in Maldives fear them and go out of their way to please them by any means.
Gayooms regime has banned any form of dissent, jailed pro-democracy activists and demonstrators, and his government has been accused by Amnesty International of “endemic torture and unfair trials”.
It is Gayyoom who stands in the way of reform and political pluralism from taking root in Maldives.
But Gayoom insists he remains committed to staying on and tackling the important work of "reforming" the Maldives.


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