Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gayoom - Arms Merchant and Gunrunner too?

Gayoom appears to have peddled trouble and pain not only to his own people, but to other parts of the world as well. Allegations are being made about gunrunning operations using the national airline Air Maldives. When Gayoom and gang came to power, they operated the national airline as a joint venture with terrorist/politician Yasser Arafat of the PLO. The two planes that flew internationally were manned by palestinian pilots and staff. The PLO also had a resort island where according to local sources there were not that many european tourists.
And during this period the Nabila yacht belonging to the shady Saudi billionaire arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi was anchored in Male' harbour. During this period, coincidently, the armed struggle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam gathered strength.

Gayoom who spent his formative years in Africa ( Egypt and Nigeria) is no stranger to terrorism or corruption. With friends like Arafat, Gaddaffi and Saddam Hussein ( read "Man for all islands" by Royston Ellis) it is no surprise that these allegations are being made. After coming to power Gayoom himself has confessed openly of having illegally imported guns during his swearing in as President. But will the new investigative journalism of the maldivian democratic movement reveal more than just allegations?


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Mr. Khashoggi spent some sex-nights with an Italian actress in the last 1980s

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