Thursday, November 03, 2005

GAOM GE REETHI NAN ( Reputation Abroad)

President Gayoom would like all Maldivians to believe that there was no Maldives before him. That he was the man who introduced the Maldives to the world. However this can only be wishful thinking. The Romans knew of the Maldives. The ancient Chinese and the Mauriya Dynasty traded with these little islands.
Gayoom considers the perception of Maldives abroad so important that laws have been passed to prosecute and punish those who blemish the beautiful name of the country abroad. But things are not going so well. Gayoom himself is the the guilty party today. All around the world the Gayoom regime is in the spotlight.
The Asian Centre for Human Rights has described the trial of the leader of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, Mr Mohamed Nasheed as a
“Kangaroo trial”. The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre has noted arbitrary arrests, torture and custodial deaths in the country and submitted a written report on the suppression of human rights in the country to the UN Secretary-General describing the situation in the Republic of Maldives under the leadership of President Abdul Gayoom as an affront to the spirit of democracy. Reporters without Borders are condemning the arbitrary arrest of journalists and Maldives is now ranked an appalling 148 out of 167 countries in Reporters Without Borders’ (Reporters sans Frontières, RSF) Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index. The United Nations Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) wants necessary revisions of the Human Rights Commission Act of the Maldives. Every week the British High Commissioner and the American Ambassador are calling the Presidents Office to find out what is happening with the reform agenda and the detainees. The British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Kim Howells, has told the UK Parliament that the British government is “actively considering further action” to take against President Gayoom. Amnesty International's Maldives online documentation archive is growing at an alarming rate.
Gayoom has put the Maldives on the map. He should now be tried, among other things, for besmirching and spoiling the nations good name abroad.